It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Three Levels Of The Mind: Access To A Glorious, Joyous And Abundantly Happy Life.

When the whole world is reeling under stress, I pick up my pen once more to write, to heal, to help people deal with their lives and their issues. To be honest with myself and my readers I will say that I was on a sabbatical from my own self, from ideating, from being In charge, in control of myself, my emotions and all else that I was constantly resounding with. 

I wanted to learn on three levels of the mind, the conscious, the sub conscious and the super conscious, what this Pandemic has come to teach us. On a deeper level of the mind, I realize that a whole lot happened that caught the entire world unaware and forced them to lead a life, they thought they had never chosen.

We must realize of course, that we have an infinite supply of riches within us. But in order to reach this treasure house of infinity within, one needs to open one's mental eyes. This will access you to a glorious, joyous and abundantly happy life. Most people live like zombies, they are completely unaware of this unlimited storehouse of infinite intelligence within themselves. From their own levels of limited assumptions, they operate.

Those who are full of faith and trust in themselves, are the ones who conquer the realms of fear and insecurity and reach newer heights of freedom. They are the people who are born to succeed. People who are waiting for validation and acceptance, are projecting their own insecurities and on a deeper level flaunting their lack of faith and trust in their own abilities.

Mastering yourself, your own inner power, conquering your own inner demons, shining forth in your authenticity, is what truly matters. The miracle working power exists within you. You just need to tap into it.

We all have this inherent power within us, we just need to consciously access it. You have to decide, how to build your life.
Allowing outside influences to color your life, to guide it, and to create pathways for you, is an injustice you will be doing yourself. You are the creator of your canvas. Make it richer and more colorful.

It is essential that you tap into your infinite wisdom, recognize your inner potential. This is what will make you conquer, all the negativity that surrounds you. People's natural tendency is to slip into the fear mode. In order to keep yourself above the surface of these negative thoughts, which will then lead you to negative consequences, open your mind to the infinite intelligence within you.

This is the secret mantra to a successful life. The "I" Intelligence in your subconscious, gives you access to new kinds of knowledge which reveals perfect expressions of freedom from the clutches of limited fearful thinking.

The power of the subconscious lifts people from the depths of their inner regular state, makes them strong, whole and vital, happy and joyous. There is a miraculous, curative force, that can heal a troubled mind and broken heart.

Liberate yourself from the bondage of fearful thinking, and negative patterns, where your mind has created a comfort zone. Be the true human, conquer your fears and then be the super human you are meant to be.

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