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Three Ways To Embrace Your Essential Feminine Energy

feminineenergy Three Ways To Embrace Your Essential Feminine Energy

The power of gender energy isn’t exclusive. Women and men are born with, influenced by, and have access to both feminine and masculine energies. These energies are not naturally incompatible. When they are in balance, they each work together to provide strength and support. It is only when they are imbalanced that problems arise.

Currently, there is a world-wide imbalance in gender energy. The doctrine and dogma of patriarchy has dominated and largely replaced the soft curve of creative fertility with the hardness of iron crowns, sharpened swords, and the heavy weight of intolerance.

All of us, men and women alike, have a duty to rebalance the world’s gender energy by recognizing and embracing the ancient and essential power of the feminine. Here are three simple ways to get this process moving in your own life:

1) Listen to Your Intuition – When you rely solely on logic to make decisions, you are also relying solely on masculine energy. Logic has its place, but so does the intuitive process. When you are present in the moment and open to life, your intuition acts like a personal GPS guidance system, allowing you to move in the correct direction with balance and grace.

2) Express Your Creativity
 – Feminine energy is, above all, creative energy. The divine feminine is the source of all ideas and all innovation. So, take the time to get in touch with your creative side. Write, sing, or dance. Use a skill or craft to make something tangible. In the act of creation, you amplify and embody the very essence of the feminine.

3) Reflect on Your Journey
 – In a male-dominated world, worth is determined by actions and results. Unfortunately, action without reflection very often not only results in missteps, but also greatly contributes to gender energy imbalance. Therefore, it becomes necessary to put time aside to reflect on the actions that you’ve taken, and the results of those actions. When you understand the cause and effect of what you do, you’re not only able to correct and avoid mistakes, you are also actively working to restore the balance between the feminine and the masculine in this world.

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