It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Three Ways To Embrace Your Imperfect Perfection

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Have your past trials and tribulations left you feeling broken or less than worthy? Do mistakes you’ve made keep haunting you, flooding you with the feeling that you’re never going to be “good enough”? My friends, we are all broken in some way. We are all imperfect. But in that imperfection lies our innate uniqueness. In that brokenness, we find our strength. In our imperfection…lies our divine perfection.

  1. Look Past the Mirror – All to often, our definition of ourselves is limited to the physical. However, when we define ourselves by our bodies, we reject what’s most important – our hearts and our souls. Who we are and what gives us our true strength, goes far beyond what we see in the mirror. Our essential selves are, always have been, and always will be connected to the Divine. Each of us has infinite potential because each of us, in a very real sense, are a part of infinity.


  2. Don’t Hide Your Imperfections – Our vulnerability is a source of real strength. Because of this, we need to celebrate the places where we have suffered damage. we can each find value in our mistakes, our missteps, and our miscalculations. We need to highlight each of our cracks, our chips, and our flaws. We need to internalize that our breaks make each of us stronger and each of us unique.


  3. Be Aware of the Imperfections in Others – We can waste a great deal of time judging others for their actions. However, the act of judging is simply a defense mechanism that allows us to ignore our own lapses. The scars of living allow us to see that true beauty is honestly imperfect. That knowledge, in turn, allows each of us to love our family, our friends, and ourselves from a place of strength, knowing that it is our flaws – and not our perfection – that delivers that strength. Beautifully imperfect and imperfectly beautiful, we are all worthy of love and that is simply beautiful.


Friends, now is the time to begin seeing yourself differently. Now is the time to begin appreciating yourself – scars, breaks, and flaws included. You truly would not be who you are without them, and so they are as much a part of you as your heart, your soul, and your eye color. Take a moment today to tell yourself how wonderful you are, and believe that you are enough!

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Our Infinite Resilience

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