It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Trusting that Still, Small Voice

man-at-the-sunrise-picture-id490726872 Trusting that Still, Small Voice

Have you ever had a gut feeling, decided not to listen to it, and then later regretted that decision?

This has been the case for so many people. In the last 30 years of my work, talking with tens of thousands of individuals, nearly all have said they regretted ignoring their gut feelings. In fact, never in all those years have I heard someone say, “I had this gut feeling, this inner voice, and I went with it, and boy do I regret it.”

It’s time to do the math. When we regret ignoring that small, inner voice 100% of the time, we should learn that trusting it is the obvious way to go.

We know we should listen to that gut feeling, and yet we override that small voice all the time because we doubt it; we think we’re not enough; we think we couldn’t possibly know more than the authorities or those who have come before us and so on. What we must understand is that we are built of creativity and are destined to come up with new answers and solutions –  to bring new ideas that work and to be innovative –  and oftentimes those ideas start with that small, inner feeling in our gut.

To bring these gifts forward, we must learn how to turn up the volume on that small still voice lurking in the background. If we ever really want to be able to lead as the creator in our lives, we must simply trust that still small voice enough to know what is right for us.

Many people talk about this small still voice and that we need to learn to listen to it, however In the work that I teach, I invite people to not only listen to that voice, but to actually become that voice.

It’s about changing your perspective from the Ego, or Personality Self, who listens to that gut every once in a while, to remembering to listen to your True Essential Self, or your Authentic Self, 100% of the time.

To make this change, I invite you to come in and take actions and, speak as, walk as, talk as, think as – that authentic, essential, soulful self.  As you do, that small still voice becomes the only voice that exists.  Anything that would question it pales in the light of this immense, magnificent presence that we truly are at our core.


The Quantum Flip in Perspective

I call this change in perspective, The Quantum Flip. Rather than listening to the small still voice, we flip it over and come out as that small still voice. Working with life in this way, we’re not listening to spirit or being guided by something from beyond. Rather, we actually allow ourselves to identify as that and live our lives as we were truly intended to be.

So how do we know when the small still voice is speaking and that it’s something to be trusted?

The small still voice, the authentic you, speaks in definitive terms. It’s the voice that says, “Call Bill now,” or, “Go home,” instead of going where you were going to go. When you do, you realize you arrived at exactly the right time – maybe something was just about to happen that you were able to prevent – because you listened to this guidance within.

The voice can sound like a feeling that guides you to walk a different path on a different day to a marketplace that you go to regularly. And then, you end up crossing paths with someone, striking up a conversation that introduces you to someone who opens an opportunity and you can see the entire chain reaction happening.

Moving from listening to, to becoming that inner voice is where we have to learn to live. We have to let go of our incessant thoughts or doubts coming from the mind that leads us to living in a trying, efforting world.  Instead, we need to slow down the mind and begin breathing deeply to allow this truth to rise up so the mind can catch it and act upon it, and get us in touch with this natural flow intended to be happening through our lives.

When we’re in that flow, magic happens. Life unfolds in a totally different direction as we have a collaborative experience with life rather than trying to muscle our way through and make things happen. Life begins to unfold, and the moment we start to have an idea about something, someone shows up to help it manifest, almost as if we’d sent out some cosmic message and someone showed up to do it, because we’re riding the wave that we’re intended to be riding.


How to Strengthen Your Inner Voice

  1. Every time you have a gut feeling, write it down immediately no matter what it is.

Taking a moment to recognize that inner voice and write down what you’re feeling is a way to access this part of your essential self. Doing this pulls you out of your protective personality and drops you into your soulful personality, your deep core essence and truth. When you do, it anchors and stills the mind for just a moment, long enough that it records the messages of that still small voice in your conscious memory and in your subconscious memory.

  1. Breathe it into your body.

Now, it’s available, it’s recorded, both inside of you and on a piece of paper out in front of you. We not only want to jot things down in a notepad, but at the same time learn to anchor it in our own internal notepad as well. To do this, we must come into the Central Channel where things move slowly. No matter how rapidly we’re moving in the outer world, the Central Channel is a part of us that is always still. We must become this stillness in motion if we really want to catch the truth of who we are and allow it to become significant enough that the rapid moving mind anchors to it, and returns to it, and then, begins to manifest it.

  1. Take Action

After we write it down, then we need to take immediate action. We must do something – tell a friend, pick up the phone and call a person that the message was about, send out an email, do something that day before you go to bed. Whatever you’re called to do, take action to anchor it in your mind. When you’re writing that email or making the phone call, take that action from the Central Channel core space of your being. Seat yourself back in that essential self, because the bioenergetics and energy medicine of that moment is going to allow that effort to be riding a wave, an energy frequency or radio station that can be heard, received, and anchored at the other end of your efforts.

  1. Mula Bandha

When you take action seated in the Central Channel, you also want to anchor these ideas in the core of your being by employing Mula Bandha. Mula Bandha happens when you contract all the muscles in the pelvic bowl, drawing the energy from our heads, or our disbursed, scattered state, right into the core of the body. When we anchor in the core of the body like that, what happens is, we’re anchoring our energy, which gives a groundedness to the resources flowing through our essential self. When we ground and anchor those resources, we have access to clear thinking, to a stabilized sense of self and we become present of mind and can focus more clearly, making it easier to recognize and trust our gut feelings, and remember these things that are so vitally important.

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