It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Two Keys For More Powerful Meditation


I like to make two important distinctions for the intention of meditation.

Transcendent forms of mediation are designed to return us to Oneness. The Heartful Harmony system emphasizes body awareness and the experience of oneness in the Unity of many forms.

The Seven Skills of Harmony is a simplified system of Heart centered meditation distilled from decades of practice. The intention of this heart focused meditation is a complete experience in Harmony. In being aware of your heartbeat and breath, you can live in the Source of your Being.


2. Be aware of your breath
3. Rest into calm
4. Posture and Beditation
5. Full Breath
6. Refined Breath
7. Rhythmic Breath

Your heart is an untapped super power. Breath is life giving and our heart is life living.

Once you consistently feel your heartbeat, you will be able to amplify the natural benefits of this meditation with the power boosts of the six additional Skills of Harmony.

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Calm and relaxation are a natural result of meditation. We can add power to our heart with our breath.
A full and refined breath shifts our meditation from a receptive awareness to an active expression.

FULL BREATH - Try this,

Breathe in deeply and exhale. Breathe in again, deeper than before and exhale. Experiment with feeling how deeply you can breathe.

A tip for increasing your inhalation is to extend your exhalation. This may not sound logical.

Take a deep breath in, exhale until you think you are out of breath and exhale a little bit more. The natural subconscious response of a full exhalation is to take a new breath.

A habitual shallow breath is common. We tend to hold a little of our breath and never fully exhale.
An experiment you can try is to, breath in deeply, as you exhale, keep exhaling smoothly and imagine your breath continuing, even when you feel like you are running out of air, breathe out a little bit more, then breathe out a little more. Finally when it feels like all of your breath is gone, try coughing a few times to fully release the stagnant breath stored in the bottom of your lungs. When you fully exhale, your next breath rushes in, we transcend the fear of death.

This coughing “death breath” is a powerful practice. It’s not meant to be a daily practice and is best used as needed, like fasting or a detox cleanse. It is courageous to fully exhale but once we do, we have access to a richer deeper full breath to add power to our daily life.

Once we begin to recognize the sensations that come with a full breath, we can refine the breath to strengthen our energetic power. The purpose of the Skills of Harmony is to boost our capacity to embody life force energy.

A REFINED BREATH can still be a full breath. A refined breath is a breath that whispers. There is a stillness in the breath. With a gentle awareness of your breath, breathe in softly and slowly. Breathing in and out of your mouth is an easy way to begin. Practice breathing in as softly and fully as you can, like you are sipping through a straw. One long full refined inhalation could extend as long as thirty seconds. A refined breath can almost feel like you’re not breathing. You may be surprised how long you can extend your breath once you are comfortable breathing more fully.

The seventh Skill of Harmony will be covered in my next post. Please subscribe to receive the whole series.


Heartful Harmony is a practical system to enrich your daily life. This is a path of Unity and embodiment, not transcendence.

As you develop an expanded refined capacity in your breath, you will amplify the power of your Heart.

I stumbled across a practical use for the full breath and Heartful Harmony many years ago. During a challenging time in my life, at my first meditation retreat, I had the idea of allowing the power of my heart to be a burning bowl.

A burning bowl ceremony is a ritual performed as a way to purify and release old resentments, hurt, grudges, regrets, or suffering from the past. The significance of literally burning ideas written on paper is willingness to let go of attachments. Burning prayers can also be an affirmation to open to possibilities for the future.

Using this analogy of a burning bowl, I imagined and felt my heart as being on fire. As thoughts and emotions poured out, I threw them in the fire burning in my heart.

With hours of attention to this practice a lifetime of repressed emotions were brought to the surface and integrated. I felt lighter, more relaxed and grateful.

I learned only illusions can be cleared. Purification only reveals and restores our indestructible True Nature. Our true self cannot be burned away, cleared or destroyed. Wholeness is what we are not something we achieve.

This burning bowl breath exercise is a powerful tool in processing repressed stored feelings.

The power of your heart is always available.

A daily maintenance practice of a Harmony Refresh starts by, feeling your heartbeat, breathing and relaxing into calm. This foundation in harmony will allow you to integrate any emotions as they arise. Restoring Harmony can be simple, easy, gentle and effortless. An automatic habit of harmony can become your everyday experience.

You are invited by your heart to live in the Harmony you are.

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