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Unique Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body This Summer

Unique Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body This Summer

With summer comes sunshine, warmth, and a new sense of zest for life. This season is the perfect time to reflect on how you feel and invest in your health. Although many people talk about getting physically fit for summer, exercising your mind is even more important.

If you need to refresh, now is the time. Take some initiative this summer and intentionally invest in your health by changing your lifestyle and your future. Here are six ways you can rejuvenate your mind and body this summer.

  1. Go Forest Bathing

“Forest bathing” is just a fancy term for hiking in the woods. When you spend time outside around trees, you’ll come away refreshed, less anxious, and more creative. If you’ve ever taken a long, relaxing hike, you’ve probably noticed some of these benefits.

Research shows that forest bathing reduces rumination and obsessive thoughts. It can also improve your body’s ability to fight off disease and reduce high blood pressure. Spend at least two quiet hours in the woods for the best results.

  1. Do a Phone Detox

Summer is also the perfect time to enforce a phone detox for yourself. Spending excessive amounts of time on social media platforms is not good for your health, mentally or physically. You will be amazed at the emotional energy you free up by putting down your phone!

Let your friends and family know you won’t be as available during your detox. Turn off all but the most necessary notifications and delete any social media apps from your phone. You could also try changing your screen to grayscale so it’s less interesting to look at your phone.

  1. Change Your Routine

Routines bring structure and energy to your life. Sometimes, just changing how you get ready in the morning or what you eat for lunch can improve your day. Try designing new routines this summer that are a positive investment for your mental and physical health.

For example, you could change up your skincare routine. Work on restoring your skin barrier, try retinol to brighten your skin and heal scars, or pursue “skinimalism” over the next three months. You can also start journaling, practice meditation, or start working out a few days a week. Try new things to find a routine that energizes you.

  1. Visit a New Place

Most people experience chronic burnout from their jobs. However, even when paid vacation time is offered, studies show that 55% of American workers don’t take advantage of it. Modern culture promotes hustle and high achievement as the most valuable traits. However, having downtime is essential for a full, thriving life.

This summer, plan to go on vacation. If you have too many responsibilities to be away for long, go away for the weekend. Try to put yourself in a new location and completely disengage from work. Give yourself space to think, breathe, and reflect on your life. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to take on life in a new way.

  1. Learn Something New

Learning a new skill fosters new neural connections in the brain. This can enhance your creativity and affect how resilient you are when faced with a new situation. Learning makes people happy and healthy and is often tied to self-expression. As an adult, you get to choose what you learn.

Having a hobby you’re passionate about can improve your productivity and will enhance your overall happiness. This summer, make a list of new things you want to learn and then get started. Ideas include making pottery, painting, gardening, building outdoor skills, or learning about finance. Don’t stop with learning – find ways to apply new knowledge in everyday life.

  1. Jump on Your Bed

It is so important to be silly sometimes. As adults, it’s easy to become so focused on being responsible that there’s no room left for having fun. Research suggests that silliness can help you reduce daily stress and build close connections with other people.

Bring back the lightheartedness of childhood by doing something silly. Try jumping on your bed, dancing around your apartment, or climbing a tree. Find ways to incorporate laughter and silliness into your everyday routine – both your personal and professional life will benefit.

Summer Ready

Feeling burned out by life? Follow these six tips to refresh your mind and body this summer. The change you want may seem far away, but very small steps can transform your mindset and quickly improve your daily experience. Start small, keep pressing forward, and prepare yourself for big results. A fun-filled summer is ready and waiting for you!

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