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Mindfulness and embracing your own reality

young-woman-trail-runner-open-arms-on-sunrise-seaside-picture-id896690574 Mindfulness and embracing your own reality

Allowing ourselves to wallow in the past or the future is the favorite game of the human mind. This constant yo yo situation is a source of a new level of stress, beyond the existing stress level in your life. There are many ways our mind strategizes in order to manage the stress in our lives, yet at most times stress continues to nag at us.

This is like a warning to take charge of our lives and begin to focus on our lives in a more specific way. The important thing is for us to realize that it is imperative to live in the present moment.


This is only possible if we accept our present condition, understand it, realize its impact on our state of mind and our health, and also our power to be able to change this.


Living in the present moment is essential. The practice of being fully aware and being in the present moment, rather than dwelling in the past or projecting ourselves in the future is what we term as mindfulness.


The sense of awareness in terms of what we do, how we behave and react in various situations, is what we could call as mindful behavior

1. Notice your breathing

2. Feel the sensations of your body

3. Quieten your inner dialogue

4. Be with yourself


A simple focus on the present moment will take us into this state of mindfulness. Research has proved that mindfulness has been helpful with daily stressors as well as chronic depression and illness.


Living non judgmentally and with full involvement in the here and now is called mindfulness.

Most of the pain in our lives is due to our delusional self. We are so busy crying over the past or having anxious moments over our future that the present is annihilated from our lives completely.


We need to be in conscious awareness of our present moment. This is the most de-stressing way of living a good life.


Life is simple if we allow it to be so. Just simply focusing on the present moment, and quietening the inner chatter of the mind is a greater way to achieving calm and peace.


Virtually any and every activity in our lives can be an act of mindfulness.

1. Walking

2. Listening to music

3. Eating your favorite food

4.Playing a game of golf

Any activity we perform with a level of concentration can be termed as a mindful activity

1. Being fully in the present in anything you do

2. Letting go of fearful thoughts

3. Being there in whatever is happening

4. Holding on to the ''Now''


It is the most popular and traditional way to achieve stillness of the mind. It is at the top of the list of mindfulness exercises.


Breathing should be essentially done from the belly rather than the chest. Breathe from the nose rather than the mouth. Focus on sound and rhythm of the breath and try to remain grounded following all the exercise routines.


 Learn to be objective about your own thoughts. Sit back and observe them. Slowly as you watch objectively, you will feel your mind quietening and your thoughts becoming less stressful.


De-cluttering both mentally and physically is extremely essential. There is no point of carrying a burden of stressful thoughts. Unburden yourself.

Focusing on the physical sensations and being fully present in everything you do is necessary. Letting go of thoughts of the future or deeds of the past and just ''being there'' in the ''here and now'' of things is what its all about. You can bring mindfulness to each and every activity you perform and achieve a happy, joyful and de stressed life.

The only way to really live is by being mindful and embracing your own reality



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