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Small Changes for Big Gains in Spiritual Well-Being

female-student-is-studying-in-a-cherry-blossom-park-picture-id987914458 Small Changes for Big Gains in Spiritual Well-Being

If you’re mentally or physically exhausted, it can be hard to feel that all is well with your soul. Most of us live very hectic lives that brings on stress, anxiety, and a constant state of busyness. However, it’s time to take back your physical and mental health. By introducing small changes into your life, you can look and feel better and have more energy for the day. Here’s how to get started.


According to Mind Body Green, research has proven that mindfulness can help with stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and boost immunity. What is mindfulness? Some people call it being “in the moment.” Take the time to be aware of what you are doing, those around you, and your surroundings as you focus on the task at hand -- whatever it is.

Update Your Bedroom

You spend 33 percent of your life sleeping, and that means plenty of time in your bedroom. This should be a place of peace and tranquility that minimizes stress and maximizes sleep. Here are ways to update your bedroom:

Your color palette can impact the quality of your sleep. According to Real Simple, choosing a cool color palette “brings you into yourself.” Paint your room a muted shade of blue for the best sleep.

Make sure you have a firm, even mattress on a good support system, with a comfortable pillow. Learn how to choose the best mattress at Sleepopolis.

Buy light-blocking shades, blinds, or curtains.

Make sure your walls are not busy. Instead, add touches of soothing art.

Add the touches that can relax you at night, such as an essential oil diffuser or a white noise machine.

Food and Eating

When we think of healthy eating, many of us think of diets and missing out on the food we love. Instead, you should think of eating as a way to nourish your body and reduce your stress when you choose the right foods. For example, you can replace a cup of coffee with a healthy herbal tea. Here are 13 more delicious food options from Prevention Magazine that can help you fight stress.

When you eat, practice mindful eating. This helps you to focus on, enjoy, and savor your meal. It will also allow you to know when you are full as you slow down and pay attention to your body. Learn six ways to practice mindful eating at

Meditation and Deep Breathing

Meditation is a great practice that anyone can integrate into his or her life. According to, science proves 12 benefits of meditation, including reduced stress, controlled anxiety, and a better attention span.

A great way to practice meditation is by performing deep breathing exercises. Breathing exercises can improve lung health and other conditions. It also can switch your body into a healthier, calmer state and curbs stress hormones. Learn more, including how to do it, at Mark’s Daily Apple.

Mindful Exercise

The thought of exercise can be intimidating especially if we carry a few extra pounds. However, proper fitness is important for our both our mental and physical health. You can try a low-impact yoga, which is a great exercise that is accessible to almost everyone and allows you to practice mindfulness and meditation.

Another great activity for mind and body is hiking. Walking or climbing are great exercises, but there’s more to it. Being in nature has profound benefits for mind and body. In addition to getting enough vitamin D to support your immune system and fight off depression, simply being in nature can boost your mental health in ways that scientists don’t completely understand. Learn more about the benefits of nature in this article from

Adding these small changes to your life can improve your physical and mental health and enhance your spiritual wellness. Which ones will you try?

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