It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The secret to happiness lies within you

choosinghappiness The secret to happiness lies within you
Life is a miracle, and stress is self created. Miracles are something that happen in people's lives all the time, all over the world. Humanity is one race, and all experiences are common,  in terms of their creation in our lives. 


It is our own thinking power that is leading us towards our destiny.  As a person thinks,  his subconscious mind functions on the same wavelength. On this very truth is dependent his reality. All individuals have a different thinking process, and it is because of this reality,  that there are different personality types. One person could be fearful and shaky, on the other hand another could be super confident.  One person could be kind and religious, another could be the complete opposite. There never seems to be a logical explanation, as to why people think differently.  

My personal take on the answers to the secrets of life, is that there is a power in the Universe,  that lifts you from the misery and depression in your life, to feeling beautiful and joyous. This is the power that severs your bondage from misery,  and puts you on to the road to happiness. 


It is a basic human weakness to allow too much of fear to control the mind. You need to conquer this fear and not allow it to take control of your life and color all your actions. 


There is an infinite healing power hidden deep inside of every human being.  This power actually resides in our own subconscious. We can easily bring this power to our immediate conscious level, and harness it to heal. Our health is totally controlled by our minds. Our thoughts create our reality. When the thinking patterns in our subconscious are positive,  we create a parallel reality to our thoughts. 


A harmonious interaction of the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind, can be directed towards a specific purpose. There are specific ways of tapping the infinite realm of power within you. This can help you to achieve the desired results in your life. 


There is a hidden wisdom in all human beings. By learning some techniques of impressing the subconscious mind, you can have access to the infinite storehouse of knowledge, which tells you how to use your mind, to become the powerhouse of your life.  


Faith is the most tremendous and only factor in overcoming fear and living in the truth.  When the individuals subconscious mind,  responds to the thought mental picture in his mind, his prayers are answered. As a person,  thinks, feels and believes, so he creates the condition of his mind, body and circumstance. 


The desire of every individual, is in the typical sequence of words "health,  wealth and happiness" giving  "health" a priority. Happiness is a natural follow up. 

We need to keep our belief system, very well aligned with the truths of the Universe. Keep our minds free of faulty negative emotions and keep our minds constantly charged. 

To change your world,  you need to change your mind. The secret to happiness lies within you. You should know how to contact and release the powers if your subconscious mind.  

Create the life of your dreams by your own positive thoughts. 
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