3 Things That Can Cause 3 Things That Can Cause Vertigo and What to Do About It

Vertigo is a troublesome condition that can make it challenging to keep your balance or even stand up straight. The cause of severity varies from case to case, but those with worse cases of vertigo know how bad it can get. Luckily, once you know what has caused your dizziness, you can figure out how best to treat it.

What Might Cause Vertigo?

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7 Ways to Improve Your Skin Without Procedures

The skin is your body's largest organ — and you may notice some changes in it as you age or your lifestyle shifts. Luckily, there are ways to protect your skin from the wear and tear of life – without undergoing surgery.

Try some of these techniques to protect your skin from future damage in natural and rejuvenating ways.

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6 Secrets to Weight Loss

Weight loss - such a "big" topic! Every month another book is out by another expert on weight loss. Everyone wants to know the secret to losing weight.

I certainly don't have THE secret, but I do have some secrets, and I want to share them with you in the hope you find them helpful.

Weight used to be a major issue for me. Losing weight was never out of my thoughts, and I can't tell you how many different diets, pills, and programs I tried until I discovered some "secrets" that have worked for me for many years.

So here they are. I hope they work as well for you as they have for me.

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6 Ways to Prioritize Wellness During the Workday

When you’re busy at work, it can be difficult to find time for your health and wellness. You might feel selfish taking time to care for yourself during the workday, but you shouldn’t. Every job comes with stress. Taking care of yourself will help relieve that stress and ultimately boost your productivity and motivation.

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5 Tips for Living With Multiple Chronic Conditions

It’s challenging enough to live with one chronic illness. Unfortunately, the old tale about bad luck coming in droves often holds true in regards to health. Many people with conditions like fibromyalgia, IBS and migraine disease have multiple comorbidities that make living with and treating their disorders more complex.

However, you have to find a way to adapt — you aren’t a quitter. You are not your diagnoses. You have a lot of life to seize by the horns so you can wring every last bit of enjoyment out of it. Here are five tips for living with multiple chronic conditions.

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10 Healthy Choices to Make This Summer

Improving your life doesn’t need to mean making radical changes. There’s no need to train for a marathon or embark on a strict paleo-vegan diet. Little, everyday choices can have a hefty long-term impact.

What kinds of little resolutions can you make to improve your well-being this season? Here are 10 healthy choices to make this summer.

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Best Ways to Stay Energized Throughout the Day

Sometimes, you might need a slight energy boost to work to the best of your ability. Many people use coffee to wake them up and carry them through the day, but those who want to avoid or wean themselves off caffeine still have options.

Try out these methods that will wake you up in the middle of the day the next time you start to slip into a slump. They’ll be sure to energize you and return your focus to the tasks at hand safely and effectively.

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6 Things Expecting Mothers Can Do to Reduce Their Risk of Pregnancy Loss

Whether you’re hoping to become pregnant soon or just discovered that you’re expecting, your life is about to change. There are certain things people can and can’t do while they’re pregnant, so what should you add to your daily routine? Here’s what you can do to reduce your risk of pregnancy loss.

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The Importance of Eye Care and How to Keep Up With It

Your eyes are the window to the world. You use them from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep and you need to for work, fun, and everything in between. So naturally, it’s very important to take good care of your eyes. Here’s why eye care is so important and how to maintain it: 

Fighting eye disease

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5 Tips to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

Sustainability isn’t merely a fashion buzzword. Scientists warn humans only have 11 years remaining to stop climate change. You can do your part by making more conscientious decisions about your daily habits.

Why not start with your grooming routine? You can make getting ready in the morning greener with the right approach. Here are five tips to make your beauty routine more sustainable.

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Have you ever driven down a road with potholes in it?

If you have, you know you have to slow way down and carefully navigate around those holes or gaps in the road.

What perhaps is new news…your body is the same. It’s a highway of energy that wants to flow freely at the designated speed. However, if we have unresolved emotions, to avoid those emotions we don’t want to feel, the energy is forced to slow down and move around the emotion, similar to navigating a potholed road. 

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Unique Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body This Summer

With summer comes sunshine, warmth, and a new sense of zest for life. This season is the perfect time to reflect on how you feel and invest in your health. Although many people talk about getting physically fit for summer, exercising your mind is even more important.

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Embracing the Sage: Anti-Aging to Eternal Being

Aging is a natural process occurring for each of us, although it’s one we’ve been taught to resist. With the numerous serums, health products and procedures promising to help win the battle against aging, many are caught up in this constant “fight” against aging and left desperately looking for the next miracle product to stop or even reverse the natural effects of time’s passing. In fact, so pervasive is this growing resistance to the aging process that, according to Orbis Research, “the global anti-aging market is estimated to reach $331.41 billion by 2021.”

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6 Healthy Daily Activities to Help You Take Back Control of You

Uncertainty abounds in today’s world – and the way you cope with it influences your mental health. Events like pandemics, wars, and pending economic and climate catastrophes can leave you feeling powerless.

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Easy Ways to Feel Good on the Inside and Out This Spring

Warm weather and sunshine may inspire you to make positive changes in your life. Create a healthier lifestyle by reading these easy ways to feel good on the inside and out this spring. Trying something new could be all you need to become the best version of yourself.

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5 Rituals To Bring More Magic Into Your Life!

In times of stress or uncertainty, there’s nothing better than finding a way to infuse more magic into our daily lives. Rituals are a beautiful and simple way to make our actions sacred. A great ritual can help us renew our faith in hope. 

When we focus too much on our outside circumstances, sometimes we think we are powerless. It can be easy to feel a sense of hopelessness. We have to remember that there is a greater good that we can always tune into. 

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Why You Need to Make Yourself a Priority in Life

With many of us today juggling so many responsibilities and commitments in the busy pace of day to day life, it can be a challenge to even find 5 minutes for ourselves! The demands of our jobs, families and businesses often take first priority, meaning we neglect to take a step back and think about catering to our own needs.

Or, even if we don’t have some of these commitments, we might consciously or subconsciously berate ourselves for not having what we believe we should - the family, the high-flying job, the thriving bank account and the flourishing business. Even though we have a little more time, we’re still not making ourselves a priority because of this negative self-talk. 

If either of these scenarios resonate with you in some way, today I’m going to share with you why it’s so important to make yourself a priority, how to focus on yourself and how this actually enables you to be a better parent, caregiver, employee or business owner. 

Why it’s important to take a step back

Think about it; if you’re burnt out, constantly seeing to other people, are stressed and generally overloaded, you’re running beyond capacity and the chances are you’re unable to live in true alignment and in the authentic expression of yourself. When operating from this place of auto-pilot, you’re not able to be your best self to those other people and commitments because you’re neglecting to take the time to reconnect to yourself and your heart. This is the essence of what self-love is about. I share more about the idea of long-term self-care in this YouTube video, which I highly recommend you take a look at. 

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6 Tips to Help New Parents Manage Discomfort in Newborns

Few things terrify new parents like a fussy baby who won’t quiet down. Is it colic? Did you stick them with a diaper pin? Could it be something more serious?

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What Are Some of The Ways To Naturally Heal Anxiety?

Experiencing anxiety by Texans has become a normalized experience today. As per several studies conducted, this mental health disorder affects about 30% of the global population at least once in their life. This can range from feeling mild spouts of restlessness and worry to having full-fledged panic attacks that make functioning difficult.

Thanks to modern studies and therapists, looking after ourselves when experiencing anxiety has become simpler. By knowing how to emotionally regulate ourselves, managing the stressors and upsurge of anxiety is possible. If you think these require elaborate plans and extensive knowledge, they don’t. You can naturally heal minor anxious feelings and we will help you understand how. Read along this blog to know five ways that help.

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Easy and Effective Methods to Help You Stop Snoring Fast

It's so frustrating and disturbing to your wellbeing when your partner is loudly snoring while you’re trying to drop off to sleep. You know there are multiple valid reasons for snoring, from Covid side effects to alcohol, allergies and more, but it's still so annoying. Whether you’re the guilty party and need a quick solution, or you're someone suffering through the noise, let's explore why we snore and offer some easy and effective methods to help put an end to your sleep disruption.

Read on to see if there's a way to help you get your full, undisturbed forty winks…

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