The Importance of Sports for the Development of Your Child

When we think about our kids’ development, we usually imagine going through certain milestones like learning to walk, learning to talk, learning how to express their emotions, making friends, etc. However, the development includes a whole variety of physical, emotional and social elements that need to be exercised at home and at school. One way to give your child an advantage when it comes to easy, fast and successful development is to sign them up for sports. Here are just some of the benefits your child can reap from sports during their development: 

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On a Quest to Improve Your Child's Oral Health? Why Xylitol May Be Your Superhero

Do you struggle with your child when it comes to proper oral care? Is making them brush and floss similar to pulling teeth? Even if they are diligent about cleaning, some kids are more prone to cavities and tooth decay than others.

Xylitol may be the answer you’ve been searching for. Here’s how using it for teeth and gum can protect your child’s cute little grin.

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5 Tips for Living With Multiple Chronic Conditions

It’s challenging enough to live with one chronic illness. Unfortunately, the old tale about bad luck coming in droves often holds true in regards to health. Many people with conditions like fibromyalgia, IBS and migraine disease have multiple comorbidities that make living with and treating their disorders more complex.

However, you have to find a way to adapt — you aren’t a quitter. You are not your diagnoses. You have a lot of life to seize by the horns so you can wring every last bit of enjoyment out of it. Here are five tips for living with multiple chronic conditions.

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10 Healthy Choices to Make This Summer

Improving your life doesn’t need to mean making radical changes. There’s no need to train for a marathon or embark on a strict paleo-vegan diet. Little, everyday choices can have a hefty long-term impact.

What kinds of little resolutions can you make to improve your well-being this season? Here are 10 healthy choices to make this summer.

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7 Best Mental Health Activities for Students of any Age

Mental health is an important topic to discuss, but it can sometimes be uncomfortable. Regardless, raising mental health awareness is critical since it can lead to various positive effects. Students must be monitored closely since they may develop depressive moods under pressure. They should be given some free time for playful activities and fun. We have compiled a list of some of the best activities for students’ mental health below:

7 Best Mental Health Activities for Students of any Age

The most-effective mental health activities for students of any age are:

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7 Foods to Eat for a Healthier Colon

You might not give your colon much thought until it’s time to use the bathroom. However, keeping this organ healthy eliminates two debilitating causes of pain from your life. Who likes constipation or diarrhea?

Your diet has much to do with keeping your large intestine ship shape. Here are seven foods to eat for a healthier colon — and what to avoid.

Foods to Avoid

Do you dig little more than a bologna sandwich for lunch? While you might fondly remember this treat from childhood, you should learn more about it as an adult. According to the World Health Organization, processed meat is a carcinogen and red meat ranks as a probable one — increasing your risk of colorectal cancer.

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Best Ways to Stay Energized Throughout the Day

Sometimes, you might need a slight energy boost to work to the best of your ability. Many people use coffee to wake them up and carry them through the day, but those who want to avoid or wean themselves off caffeine still have options.

Try out these methods that will wake you up in the middle of the day the next time you start to slip into a slump. They’ll be sure to energize you and return your focus to the tasks at hand safely and effectively.

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The Ancient Healing Bath

People find different ways to beat back the blues. Some listen to music, others seek solace in natural beauty, and still others comfort themselves with food. And then there are those who simply take a bath. It cleanses their body, they say, and lifts their spirits every time.

Ayurveda, too, sees bathing as a therapeutic activity. A leisurely bath relaxes tense muscles, irons out a creased brow, opens clogged pores, restores moisture to the tissues, and adds a healing dimension to your day.

If preceded by a luxurious all-body massage, your bath can be a truly divine experience.

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People Don’t Know These Five Uses of Antibiotics

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives over the past 100 years. They are used to treat bacterial infections and are one of the most effective ways to shorten a hospital stay. However, antibiotics are only effective for bacterial infections. 

This means that strep throat, ear infections and urinary tract infections are all treatable with antibiotics. So, why are people so afraid of using them? Most antibiotics are highly effective against bacterial infections, but not fungal or viral infections. When an antibiotic is taken for a viral infection, it does nothing. And taking it for a viral infection can lead to drug-resistant bacteria growing.

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6 Things Expecting Mothers Can Do to Reduce Their Risk of Pregnancy Loss

Whether you’re hoping to become pregnant soon or just discovered that you’re expecting, your life is about to change. There are certain things people can and can’t do while they’re pregnant, so what should you add to your daily routine? Here’s what you can do to reduce your risk of pregnancy loss.

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The Importance of Eye Care and How to Keep Up With It

Your eyes are the window to the world. You use them from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep and you need to for work, fun, and everything in between. So naturally, it’s very important to take good care of your eyes. Here’s why eye care is so important and how to maintain it: 

Fighting eye disease

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How Cleaning Your Space Can Improve Mental Health

Have you ever come home from a long day only to feel more exhausted when you step inside your messy house? Science can explain why you find clutter so frazzling.

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5 Tips to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

Sustainability isn’t merely a fashion buzzword. Scientists warn humans only have 11 years remaining to stop climate change. You can do your part by making more conscientious decisions about your daily habits.

Why not start with your grooming routine? You can make getting ready in the morning greener with the right approach. Here are five tips to make your beauty routine more sustainable.

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Understanding Internal Family Systems Therapy And Its Relationship To Codependency

There are various types of treatment options used with individuals through therapy. Some types of therapy are designed to work from the diagnosis of the patient or individual, while others are focused on holistically treating the individual and not focus on treating the diagnosed condition.

Internal Family Systems Therapy, also known as IFS, is a therapy that treats the whole individual. It can be used with a variety of different mental health conditions and diagnoses, as well as for those areas of life where people struggle. Examples of this can be in personal or professional relationships, professional or career challenges, feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, and building and developing resilience.

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Natural Insecticides: How to Make Safe & Homemade Bug Sprays for Vegetables

In an episode of the TV show Silicon Valley, Gilfoyle, an overwhelmed software coder, rushes to debug some mission-critical software against a looming deadline. Running out of time, Gilfoyle hits upon a brilliant solution — write an artificial intelligence (AI) script to find and remove the bugs as efficiently as possible.

It works, and the script gets rid of all the software bugs in mere seconds. There’s just one “minor” issue — in its quest for efficiency, it deletes the bugs by deleting all the software. No more code, so no more bugs.


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6 Reasons to Try an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Your diet plays an important role in your health. The effects of poor dietary habits don’t always take years to appear. Sometimes, you can feel the results within a few hours of eating.

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Have you ever driven down a road with potholes in it?

If you have, you know you have to slow way down and carefully navigate around those holes or gaps in the road.

What perhaps is new news…your body is the same. It’s a highway of energy that wants to flow freely at the designated speed. However, if we have unresolved emotions, to avoid those emotions we don’t want to feel, the energy is forced to slow down and move around the emotion, similar to navigating a potholed road. 

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My Modern Day Miracle

“It is not that things are difficult that people do not dare; it is people do not dare that makes life difficult.” — Seneca

My life was difficult for I had stopped daring. I was settling. I was one of the most successful drinkers I had ever known. I did it well—I gave it all I had at the time. Now I am able to drink water and feel the high. Once the decision was made, my old rags of regret were behind me. I felt so strongly that, because I had already given all those years of my life to being numb, I was not willing to play those stories over and over and be stuck in my misery. I did not wish I could be different; I accepted that I was different. I did not wish I could drink, for the best day I had as a partier was never as special as being awake, energized, and impassioned about my life.

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Unique Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body This Summer

With summer comes sunshine, warmth, and a new sense of zest for life. This season is the perfect time to reflect on how you feel and invest in your health. Although many people talk about getting physically fit for summer, exercising your mind is even more important.

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Greens, Vegetables, and Ayurveda

No longer just a frilly garnish, kale is taking the culinary world by storm. Along with it, leafy greens like spinach, chard, and even collards and turnip greens are gracing plates everywhere from fine dining hotspots to fast food restaurants across the country.

These nutrient-packed veggies have long played a starring role in Ayurvedic cooking, and with good reason. They’re hydrating, nutrient-rich, and when prepared while fresh, they contain prana, or life-supporting energy. Below, we’ll share both Ayurvedic and nutritional insights on leafy greens, along with tasty ways to incorporate them into your daily diet.

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