What Are Angel Numbers And What Do They Mean?!

What Are Angel Numbers And What Do They Mean?!  - Colette Baron-Reid

Have you ever had the experience of seeing the same repeating numbers over and over, everywhere you go? It might be on the clock, a license plate in traffic, a phone number, or anywhere else numbers show up in your daily life. Everywhere you look you see it… 1111, 222, 444… 

In the moment, you might not know what it means, but you do know that every time that number shows up, your spidey senses just turn on. 

It’s like a little *ping* from the Universe telling you to pay attention. But what are you supposed to be paying attention to? 

These repeating number sequences that show up again and again and catch our attention are known as Angel Numbers. They show up when we need a reminder or confirmation of something. 

I’ve always noticed that the numbers 11:11 have appeared whenever I need confirmation that I’m on the right track. Getting a glimpse of 11:11 as I’m considering a decision gives me confidence that I’m never alone and Spirit is always with me and guiding me.

Angel numbers are sort of like a little check-in from Spirit. Peeking in on us to let us know we are loved and cared for. If you’ve been seeing repeating numbers everywhere, it’s a great time to get curious and figure out what this little sign means for you. 

What are Angel Numbers? 

Angel numbers are repeating numbers such as 1111, 222, 444. 

They can show up anywhere in our daily lives. Of course, these numbers are all around us in the world, but we know they are Angel Numbers by using our intuition. 

My first significant memory of the number 1111 showing up in my life was when I was only 5 years old. I remember it as a kind of curious “tickle” that ended up being a sign of trouble and protection. This number showed up many times throughout my life from that point on and always gave me the sense that Spirit was watching over me and protecting me on my path. If you want to hear my full story about how Angel Numbers helped me and guided me on my spiritual journey, read my book Messages From Spirit. 

Sometimes a number will show up and you’ll just have a knowing that it means something important to you. Other times you’ll continuously see the same repeating numbers over and over again and not know what they mean. Either way, when you see an Angel Number, you can consider it a little nudge from the Universe. 

Angel Numbers can mean many different things, and the meaning may be unique for the person and the situation. The more you pay attention and get curious, the more quickly you’ll begin to understand what these numbers mean to you. 

How to interpret Angel Numbers in your life 

If you’ve ever had the experience of seeing Angel Numbers, you might be asking yourself, “What does 444 mean?” or “Why do I keep seeing 222?” 

Understanding the meaning of these numbers is ultimately a personal journey. It’s an invitation to slow down and notice the synchronicities that are showing up around these numbers. There are lots of different routes to finding out what Angel Numbers mean in your life. Here are a few places to start. 

1. Ask your Oracle Cards! 

If you keep seeing Angel Numbers everywhere you look and you don’t know what they mean, Oracle Cards can help give you guidance and information from Spirit. 

You can use your favorite Oracle Card deck and ask a question like, “What do I need to know about the moments when these numbers show up?” 

Remember that your Oracle Cards may or may not give you the exact meaning of the Angel Numbers, but they will tell you what you need to know to discover your personal significance and relationship to these numbers. 

2. Look up the meanings of the numbers 

In numerology, the root number of each of the Angel Numbers has a unique meaning. To find out their meanings, do a quick google search and you’ll find plenty of resources for numerology. 

There’s also a great book by my dear friend Kyle Gray called, Angel Numbers: The Message and Meaning behind 11:11 and other number sequences. If you’re curious about taking a deep dive into Angel Numbers, I highly recommend his book! 

3. Keep a journal and notice patterns 

To find out the meaning these numbers have for you, try keeping a journal and writing down what was happening each time you saw the numbers. 

Here are some questions to answer in your journal when you see repeating numbers:

  1. What were you doing when this experience happened?
  2. Can you recall times in your past when these numbers were associated with something important that happened, or when you received a nudge from Spirit through these numbers?
  3. What kind of intuitive feelings did you have at the time?
  4. How do you now recognize this as a message from Spirit?

Over time, you will likely begin to see a pattern and notice the synchronicities that point you to the meaning behind the Angel Numbers. 

4. Trust your intuition! 

Although specific Angel Numbers often mean certain things, their meanings can be unique to each of us and the best way to discover their meanings is to use your curiosity and intuition. 

If you’re worried that you just aren’t intuitive or you don’t know how, don’t worry. The truth is, we are ALL intuitive beings – your intuition is like a soul GPS you just have to learn how to turn on. 

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