What Belief Do I Serve?


We generally define ourselves by appearance, personality, dress, role, the car we drive, relationships, etc... However, all of this can change in an instant!  Our sense of self can be influenced by what people say, the situations around us and the problems we face. What is it then that defines who we are, and do we really know anything about ourselves?

Much of our insecurity in the world is a result of limiting beliefs which we hold. During this pandemic we are being stretched to go beyond our labels and identities, which for many, have been a distraction from the recognition of the real essence of the self. We are now internally searching more than ever for spiritual meaning and truth.

Having a deep sense of our spiritual identity can give us enthusiasm and courage to propel our lives further along. A good way to get to know ourselves on a deeper level is to start with the question: What belief do I serve?  What surfaces may be surprising.

Maybe you will discover a need to let some things go to serve other areas of your life with more grace and truth. This is the time to make deep changes from within and awaken to our full capacity, inside out.

That is why it is so important to spend time in meditation every day. It will help us to better understand ourselves, reflect in a deeper way and become strong in our spiritual identities. This will also help us to maintain our happiness and inner strength and to be a positive influence in the world.

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