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What Do People Do on the Other-Side?

candles What Do People Do on the Other-Side?

Your loved ones who have passed on have probably been gone awhile now … whether it's a few weeks, months or years. Have you ever wondered what they’re doing on the Other Side? Wouldn’t you like to know what they’re up to?

As a medium, I’ve connected with loved ones in Spirit who’ve wanted me to relay some of the most touching messages about what they’re doing on the Other-Side. In one such message, which took place at one of my intimate group readings, a young boy told me to tell his mom that he was out of his wheelchair, playing baseball and running the bases at a game. I remember his excitement connecting with me, as he knew he was talking to his mom again. He could barely get the words out fast enough, he was so excited to be telling her how he was doing all the things he was unable to do in his physical body.

As the message continued, his mom began to speak. You could hear the joy and exhilaration in her voice as she told me how her son had been born with spina bifida (a spinal cord defect), so he’d spent his entire life in a wheelchair. “He used to watch the other children in the neighborhood playing baseball in a field across the street from his bedroom window,” she said. “Always yearning to be out there and wishing he was able to run and play like the others.”

As the boy started to step back, I could feel his energy fade, but not before he was able to tell her one last time how much he loved her and was happy! It’s messages like this that make the work I do all the more meaningful and worthwhile.

During another occasion, I had a grandmother come through to relay a message to her granddaughter. She described in detail how she was sitting on her porch, enjoying the sun in her favorite chair, which was the same thing she loved doing while alive on earth. The way she described it created such a clear picture in my mind. It was her way of validating exactly who she was so that I could connect with her granddaughter.

One young girl came through to tell her family that she was teaching school to children in the Spirit World. It made sense to the family because when she passed, she had been just about to graduate with a teaching degree and start work at an elementary school.


What inspires us or motivates us here on earth also motivates us in Spirit. Whatever we loved doing while on the Physical Plane can be done in the Spirit World.

I think it’s important that parents and everyone reading this Soul Inspirations know that life really does go on in the Spirit World. You can choose to pursue what you loved on Earth or try something different. Just know that your loved ones continue; death does not stop them from living, even though they’re on the Other-Side.

Just for today, I invite you to let go of your worries and fear for your loved ones who have passed. There’s no illness, no pain, no suffering, and no more worries that are so often associated with the physical world, such as the need for money, mortgages, food, etc.

In all the time that I’ve been practicing as a medium, I’ve never heard any mention of missing their homes or belongings. No one is upset over who got mom’s diamond ring or other possessions. They’ve totally let go of the attachments to their earthly life and all things materialistic. They’re at peace and enjoying being back home with their loved ones in their own private and unique Heaven.

If you've received a touching message from a loved one in the Spirit World, and you'd like to share your story with me on my Facebook page or you can call in to my Spirit Connections radio show and share your story together.

Live a Soul-filled life!

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