It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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What's The Deal About Being Psychic?


As a boy, I was the one who saw things differently; I was the one who felt and heard things that others didn’t seem to notice; and I was never really understood. As I got older, I began to realize that I wasn’t that different after all—in fact, there were others like me!  Some chose to speak up, while others tried to hide it and push it away in a vain attempt to be normal. But being psychic or intuitive is normal. It’s something that we’re all born with to assist us while we’re here on this planet.

So, what’s the deal about being psychic and what does it really mean? Put simply, as spiritual beings, we are able to access, receive and transmit information that reaches beyond our physical body and our natural five senses.

Throughout history, cultures all over the world have honored their spiritual principles and maintained a deep belief that human beings consist of more than just physical bodies. Traditions were created with rituals (such as chanting, dancing and meditation) that are still used to this day to remain connected to Spirit and to fully utilize spiritual abilities.

Psychic abilities aren’t exclusive to any particular group. The North American Indians have always had a strong belief in the afterlife and their own soul powers. Aborigines have been known to possess heightened telepathic strengths, which enable them to communicate telepathically with each other over many miles. In the East, children are educated from an early age about the spiritual energy systems of the human body and its centers.

Each and every one of us is equipped with a complex and highly tuned inner guidance system, which we can regularly tap in to by using our extrasensory abilities. Receiving psychic information is all about energy. Everything is made up of energy—people, places, and even objects store energy.

Since we, too, are energy, we can receive and read information via our psychic senses.

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                      

I often compare being psychic to the way a television works. We can’t see TV signals through the airways because they vibrate at such a high frequency, yet we know they’re being transmitted. Our television sets then receive these signals and they’re “descrambled” to form a picture on our screens.

Psychic energy works in much the same way—we constantly receive information through our intuition, and the result is an impression or feeling that we didn’t receive via our physical senses. As we develop our psychic strengths, we get better at the descrambling.

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