It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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What's Your Favorite Tool for Transformation?!


When you discover the right tool on your path to transformation, it can feel like discovering a “soul GPS” or a magic mirror that shows you everything you need to know about yourself and about life. 

On the quest for spiritual transformation, there’s nothing better than the feeling that you are being Divinely guided – like the Universe is showing you clues and signals that light the path home toward your higher self. 

This was the feeling I experienced when I first discovered Oracle Cards as a tool for personal growth and transformation. Initially, I was surprised to find out that Oracle Cards weren’t really about fortune telling at all, although yes they can be used to do that too,  but rather that they were like a direct line to an inner ancient wisdom and guidance from a High Power that knew me better than I ever could. From that moment on, I was hooked. 

Using Oracle Cards is like opening up a conversation with the Universe 

One of the things I love about Oracle Cards as a tool for transformation is that they are accessible to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up an Oracle card in your life or if you’ve been using them in your spiritual practice for decades. The guidance that’s available through these cards is like no other spiritual tool I’ve ever found. 

It’s why I have devoted my entire career to educating people all about oracles and how to work with them as personal transformation tools. 

Using Oracle cards is like opening up a direct interactive and dynamic conversation with Spirit and your own inner-knowing. Sometimes with other practices like meditation or journaling, it can feel like a one-way line between you and the Universe. 

You put out intentions and prayers, you focus on your personal growth, and you wait to see if the Universe responds. Although Spirit is actually always communicating with us through signs and subtle messages, sometimes that communication can feel elusive or difficult to connect to. 

With Oracle Cards, the communication often feels more direct and concrete. When you meditate and ask a question to the cards, it’s like receiving direct loving guidance from a Higher Power that sees you with absolute clarity.  In my school we have a fun saying when we get to our level 2 class “You can’t make this S***T up!” It’s because the most uncanny and outrageous things are revealed when you learn how to use them. 

Meditation for personal growth and transformation 

Although Oracle Cards are hands down my favorite spiritual tool for that feeling of direct communication with the Divine, there are so many practices I use and love to stay grounded and connected on my spiritual journey. 

One of my other favorite spiritual tools and one of the first ones I discovered on my spiritual path is meditation. Meditation is such an essential spiritual practice because it is proven to help us release stress. When we release our stress we become grounded, peaceful, and quiet inside. And that place of inner quiet allows us to hear the whispers of our soul and be more attuned to the guidance Spirit is giving us every day. 

My two favorite kinds of meditation are guided meditations and mindfulness meditation. I love both of these because they are accessible and fulfilling no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Oh and did I say I loved guided meditations? Hmmm hmmm. 

Journaling as a spiritual practice 

The incredible thing about journaling as a part of your spiritual practice is that you really get to have the lived experience of being your own Oracle. Often when you journal – sitting down and putting pen to paper to work through whatever is going on in your mind – you come to your own answers and find clarity. 

When you write, it’s a physical release of the thoughts inside your head. Sometimes I even use 2 journals – one of them I refer to as a “dumping ground journal” because it’s a place where I can let go of the thoughts and emotions that aren’t serving me anymore. When we use this tool, it can help us regain our sovereignty and mental clarity, which allows us to take a more grounded approach to life. Then the other one is for my epiphanies, gratitude lists, and the pearls that formed from the grit of my more challenging and painful stories. 

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