It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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When You’re in Transition Hell, Is Everything in Divine Order? Your Choice

divineorder When You’re in Transition Hell, Is Everything in Divine Order? Your Choice

When you don’t get things that you want, many people will tell you “Everything is in divine order,” which loosely translates into believing there is a reason, a good reason, a beautiful reason for everything– but you lame grasshopper of a tiny, baser consciousness cannot yet behold why it’s just peaches and cream perfect that you’re in how shall we say it—HELL—and struggling to claw your way through your own black swamp– while someone else nabs their dream job, spouse, and home along the sunniest coast of Spain, and, yes, bless their hearts, tweets about it.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m in pain, it’s hard to see perfection in my life.

But then, and I say this grudgingly, that would be the point of having a spiritual practice or faith.

Spirituality is all about holding a perspective that it’s hard for your ordinary mind to see.  That’s why it’s an extraordinary path.

The startling work of faith is about holding the door open for possibility.  It takes strength to hold to your convictions more than your moods.  It takes wisdom to know that there are possibilities that exist beyond the limits of your own thinking.  You may think you’re being “realistic,” by denying yourself possibilities.  But really, you’re just resigned.  And life will punish you with the limitations you believe in.

So despite my own times of frustration and feeling stuck, here’s why I do believe that everything happens in its own right time, and its own right way.  I believe it because I have witnessed it.  I’ve been awed, humbled, gratified, and shaken to my core.  But before there was awe, there was simply self-interest.  Let me explain.

Yes, I’ve taught A Course in Miracles for over 20 years now, so I’m prone to believe in the crazy brilliant workings of Spirit, that Mad Artist of Energy and Attraction.  But here’s the stickier truth.  I don’t really care.  I am a crassly logical girl.  I am not here to argue how many angels sit on the pinpoint of a pin or if the angels exist or if the pin exists or if this is all illusion.  I don’t care.  I just know that believing my life has some kind of meaning, purpose, and promising trajectory gets me better results than not believing it’s true.  Even when you’re negative or detached, you’re always taking some kind of stance.  I choose to take the stance that sets me free.

I know that cynics think that spirituality is a crutch.  And they’re right.  It is a crutch.  It’s something to lean on when you’re flopping and hobbled and too weak to walk on your own two feet.  Yes, of course, I could lay there on the floor and assert my independence from a belief in ease, love, and benevolence.  But call me morally lazy, but I’d rather walk forward in my life and accomplish things.  Spirituality gives me the capacity to act.  I take actions because I trust.  I don’t take actions when I don’t trust.  There you have it.

That’s why I don’t see believing in a Loving Universe as glossy, power-to-the-pink- simple-minded idealism.  I see it as time-tested pragmatism.  Sure, I could be witty and cynical and make fun of all that is “touchy feely,” but I’m not interested in fortifying my cowardice, discomfort, and anger as much as I’m interested in healing them.  I’m done with clever banter.  I want results in my lifetime.

Yes, it’s hard to choose to believe in something that you can’t feel yet.  But a little boy who really feels as though he wants to throw a rock at his sister’s head can learn the values of generosity, integrity, kindness, and higher love whether or not he feels them yet.  I can learn to stop throwing rocks at my own head with beliefs like “it’s not fair” or “I never get the good stuff.”  I can learn to be willing to believe in a perfection in my life, and see how that stance of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy sets me free.  It doesn’t mean I’ll stay in rotten circumstances.  It means I’ll stop feeling rotten about my circumstances.  And then, and only then, I might have the dignity and capacity to change them.

Take the high road.  When you’re hurting, do not indulge in the “realism” of limited understanding.  What if you knew that you were not being held back, but indeed you were right on track in your life?  How would that perspective help you feel?  Use the assistance of intelligent faith.  This “crutch” will help you walk forward.  It will help you have the stamina to change your world.  It will help you soar.


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