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Who I Am Today is the Possibility of Magic. Who are You?

lonehiker Who I Am Today is the Possibility of Magic. Who are You?

The ideas I embrace about who I am, and what I believe myself to be, mold a paradigm, a way of thinking that determines what is and is not possible for me as I create and live my daily life.

When I woke up for life today, I found myself asking the question, who did I really believe myself to be? Maybe this was because it was my birthday, and I was curious to know who I had grow up to be in these past thirty three years of life. Upon further reflection I observed is that, since the day of my birth, I had been told by others who I was. Therefore, since the day of my birth I realized that others have determined what is and is not possible for me and my life. But on this birthday morning, awakening into a newfound sense of self-awareness, I began crafting a story of possibility, one that would shatter inherited paradigms and forever change what I believed possible.


The fate of being told who I am is shared with nearly every individual on this planet, including you. It appears we have not been afforded the opportunity to authentically choose what is possible for our life. Those who came before us, using present knowledge available crafted an established order of ideas, beliefs, religions, governments, economies, systems and structures to which we all conform. Individuals that try to break from this order are often branded as outcasts, exiled from a system that doesnt support the possibility they represent. Many of these systems are not inherently bad, in fact much of what we have inherited by our ancestors have allowed many to lead a personal life abundant with happiness and prosperity. But, upon further reflection this birthday morning, I came to see how many of these systems were in fact stifling the authentic expression of life, often denying the expression of magic we hold within ourselves, limiting the possibility of what life could be.

I invite you to take a minute and reflect on who you believe yourself to be in this moment? Reflect, as if it was your birthday, and ask yourself: Was I provided an authentic opportunity to freely determine the possibility of my life? Or was I coerced to adopt an inherited structure persuaded upon me by others in order to survive the day? What mask did I put on today? Out of all the roles, characters and personas I take on throughout my day, which one did I choose that first moment upon waking? Is that my authentic self? What do I believe is possible for me and my life if I harnessed the possibility of my magical power? If today was your birthday, and you were given the opportunity to create a possibility for you and your life, what possibility would you choose? When I woke up on my birthday I was inspired to create a new possibility for me and my life. I became the possibility of magic.

I became the possibility of magic.

In this simple statement, a birthday gift to myself, I created the opportunity to redefine who I am as the possibility of that which I desire to be. In creating possibility, the many paradigms I adopted are relaxed, a door is opened and possibility is born
, magic. Magic, as I speak about it in this context, is a powerful force that can influence the course of events in life by using supernatural forces present within our being. What a birthday gift and paradigm shift. As I began living in the possibility of magic many of the rigid structures based on preconceived notions of anothers perception dissolved into the possibility of something new. From this place of pure possibility I was free to create myself anew into something far greater and far more powerful than I once was.

On my birthday I gave myself a great gift, the opportunity to rewrite what is possible for me and my life. Who I am today is the possibility of magic, but what exactly does that mean? It means that I have rediscovered supernatural abilities available to me in the realm of possibility, these powers allow me to redefine and recreate every aspect of my life not from the past, but from the present moment. By embodying my magical powers anything is now possible. With magic we get to manifest the world we desire to experience free to recreate the systems in which we find ourselves. Present to this great opportunity, on the birth of a new day I encourage you to reclaim your magical powers. I invite you to take on the impossible in your life and redefine whats possible. I invite you to accept the magical gifts that resides within you and become the possibility of your magic.

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