It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Why Did This Happen?

shop-window-broken-picture-id1219212444 Why Did This Happen?

Why did this happen? Why did that happen?

Why is it still happening?

Why do I feel this way?

Why does anyone do anything?

I have an answer to the question, WHY?


Because I chose an answer for myself.

A foundation to my answer is,


Love is our only intention.
To Love and be Loved as our only intention is a powerful point of view.

Some may argue there is evil in the world.
If everything is energy, why is there evil?

Imagine if love were a rubber band in a circle O and you twist it into an 8, it can look like two separate circles oo. The illusion of separation can be convincing but it is not true. We cannot be separate from our self.

Our perception of love can be twisted but love cannot be changed. Love has no opposite. fear is only a twisted misunderstanding of love. Fear can never change what love is.

No matter how twisted or misguided actions may be, all motivation is innocent in the deepest intent of our love.


Are you still curious to know my answer to the question Why?





I have no desire to explain why I chose this answer. I chose it to be true for me. If I think to myself Why? My immediate response is “Because we love.” The answer quickly stops any endless loops of reasons, fault and blame.

Why? Can open uncertainty, triggering stress and fear of the unknown. When my mind insists on an answer to remain safe, I give it one. “Because we love”

When you get to the bottom of every action, we are all doing our best with the greatest intent.

We can stop looking for what is wrong and look for what needs to be loved.

What happened is more important than why it happened. Everything is a good reason to love.

When we embrace fear and return to the innocence of every intention, we untwist our mind and restore love.


"Emotions don't need reasons for why they exist, they only want love that they do exist." Zach Rehder

“Unconditional love is really, all inclusive love.” Will Hale 1-12-14

"What you call it doesn't change what it is." Will Hale 8-8-99

“Forgiveness without gratitude is incomplete forgiveness.” Will Hale 10-26-14

“Love only grows.” Will Hale 8-28-01


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