It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Will You Choose Relationship with the Divine? - It is the simple path

Will You Choose Relationship with the Divine? - It is the simple path Will You Choose Relationship with the Divine? - It is the simple path

We all have our own term for that which is First Cause, Universal Intelligence, Eternal Peace, Perfect Joy, Love.

But words can only go so far, and no matter what term we use to express this deep, heartfelt knowing, the term itself remains beautiful in its limitation.

This is because we, as part of the Divine, are forever and eternally extending the Divine through our unique, blessed, ever-expanding Communication of Love.

Is there anything else you’d rather feel?

Is there any other way you’d rather be?

We have a choice.

We can choose to be in direct, conscious, moment-to-moment Relationship with the Divine. Or we can choose some other long and winding path to some unknown future in the hope that peace, love, and joy will be waiting for us at the end of the rainbow.

But what does it mean to choose to be in true Relationship?

For me, it means that I continually  release any desires that are not in service to myself AND all of Creation.

I literally offer myself as an instrument for the Divine. I wake up each morning and ask, “What would you have me do today?”

I remain vigilant ONLY for the Divine, knowing the Divine’s eternal, loving expression is in no way, shape—or uniquely manifested form—apart or absent from me.

The Divine, by whatever term you use, is Creator, is First Cause, is Universal Intelligence, is Perfect Peace, Joy, and Love.

The Divine is Supreme Imagination, a mighty and powerful force of Good, a dreamer of Love. And when we choose to be in true Relationship, our lives become one blessed opportunity after another to dream Love with the Divine, even with people or in circumstances that many would condemn as unworthy of Love.

When we choose the fullness of communion in Relationship, we “flatten the challenge.”

Choosing Relationship with the Divine is the easiest and most simple path of all.

Let me tell you a personal story…

Last weekend, we moved my son Dylan into his dorm at a Jesuit university not too far from our home. Dylan was excited about beginning this new part of his life, and we were all full of positivity and hope.

As soon as we arrived on campus, though, our positive energy began to lessen. We saw many people walking around unmasked, and we learned that most classes were going to be online.

Dorm rooms were shared, and Dylan began to imagine the challenges of living in a small space with a roommate, both attempting to learn online.

We got Dylan all moved into his dorm on Saturday, but the energy of the move was no longer as aligned with his best interests as it had been. Our thoughts of one challenge after another arose.

There was a momentary sinking feeling. Dylan especially felt confused. How could he have felt so incredibly aligned with this path, only to decide that this was not his path to walk?

The entire family felt disappointed. I’d go so far as to say we fell into a gloomy mood.

Many of you know that I begin every day with a spiritual practice that includes a prayerful communion with the Divine. On Sunday morning, I prayed about this situation and received an immediate prod to open myself to 4-1-1, a request for information.

“Don’t be sad,” I heard. “Things are going to work out really well for Dylan.”

We’d already decided that on Sunday we’d move him out of the dorm, but we didn’t know exactly what would transpire next.

As it turned out, Dylan was approved only hours following the 4-1-1 for 100% online studies. And if ever there was a reason he’d need to go on campus, it wouldn’t be inconvenient for him to get there.

My mood had already begun to shift on Sunday morning, but, upon receiving this news, the rest of the family’s energy also rose. We talked to each other about the emotional roller coaster we’d just been on and I remembered, once again, that there is never a good reason to doubt the inherent Intelligence and Perfection of Creation.

Do you want to be a force for positive change? A conscious Relationship with the Divine is your most powerful tool.

This choice manifests as not only a covenant with the Divine, but also a covenant with one another. We live in service to other people, to nature, to the planet, to all of life, including service to our own Divine Self. We are in service with all expressions of Divinity.

I choose to be in Relationship with the Divine in each eternal moment. Will you join me?

In Love and Service,


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