You Are Enough – The Possibility

ThePossibility You Are Enough – The Possibility

Often, the precursor to spiritual awakening is some crisis, something that cuts through the thick layers of illusion of the ego.

Grace powers revelation. Grace is the sacred energy that creates expansion and the possibility of recognition of your Essential Self. There is grace in every situation. It shows up in countless forms. Whether you are standing in line at a movie theater, dealing with your crying baby, mourning the death of a loved one, or in the midst of the inevitable highs and lows of marriage or divorce, the power to reveal the Essential Self is always present.

Often, the precursor to spiritual awakening is some crisis, something that cuts through the thick layers of illusion of the ego. Someone leaves you. You contract a serious illness. You have a falling-­out with your closest friend. You deal with an addiction. You lose money.

And then, out of the perceived constrictions, out of the darkness you are experiencing in the external, the internal eye rouses from its slumber. It awakens to facilitate the emergence of the transcendent beauty and joy that you could not see in the chaos and perceived limitation. There is an intervention, a release, a glimmer of truth, a shift in perception. You begin to see life with new eyes and an open heart.

Sometimes you experience the crack in your egoic structure that allows the light of your Divine Essence to emerge, but you write it off. You don’t want to look into the crack because doing so is uncomfortable. You turn your attention to something else—­your news feed, a drama in your life or someone else’s, the TV, or online shopping.

But there comes a time when you are curious enough to ask, “What is that?” There is a part of you that wants to look into the crack—­that is the mystic in you. That is you being courageous enough to explore what seems to be the unknowable: the Essential Self. Spirituality is opening the door to grace.

This excerpt is from Panache Desai’s new book You Are Enough, published February, 2020 by Harper ONE. 

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