It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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You Are Stronger Than You Think

natural-balance-at-san-francisco-picture-id533260207 You Are Stronger Than You Think

Do you ever feel insecure or unsure of yourself? Have you ever hesitated to share in a discussion even though you knew the answer? Have you lacked confidence in moments when you knew you could make a difference in the lives of people around you, yet you remain silent? You feel like you know you could say something that would turn someone’s life around, and yet it doesn’t come out of your mouth?

If that is happening with you, there’s a reason.

In these moments of hesitation or withholding, your energy is dispersed out of your deep, core wisdom, and instead, you are most-likely in your head and over-thinking things. Overthinking pulls you out of your core power and strength, and can result in feeling insecure, insufficient, and create a tendency to compare yourself to everything around you.


Dispersed Energy

When we arrive here, we splat and our energies disperse in many directions.  In that moment, our mind goes one way, our breath and body go another, and our spirit is left just hanging out trying to figure out, “Is this world a place I want to be? Do I belong?” This can leave us feeling crazy at times, with thoughts such as, “I don’t know what I’m even doing on this planet. I don’t belong here, and nothing feels right or safe.” The reason for these thoughts and feelings is because of this dispersal of energy.

When we disperse, we lose our power and start looking everywhere “out there” to find a way of ensuring we’re safe and to make sure everything’s okay. We begin constantly, and hyper-vigilantly, looking externally for validation, which causes us to feel insecure and unsure of ourselves as we are.

This fractured, insecure version of you is not the real you. The True You resides deep in your core and is stronger than you think you are. In fact, it’s stronger than you can think you are.


Finding the Wisdom in Your Core

When you live in your head, you drop out of your core causing your power to drop away. We must learn to remain grounded and integrated, deep in our hearts and bellies, so we can have access to our wisdom all the time, without question.

Learning to access our core wisdom – something so basic to our foundational being – is our greatest tool.

Our heart and core is our greatest power, and when connected, it reveals our truth, our authenticity, and allows us to walk straight through a situation without a quiver, without a wobble, and most importantly, in state of loving grace.


We Are Powerful Creators

When we want to find our own strength, it’s helpful for the thinking mind to recognize that science is delivering much evidence revealing how powerful we are. Quantum science tells us we create our reality and that whatever we’re looking for, is exactly what we find.

In scientific experiments, when a vacuum is created, the photons within have been shown to rearrange in accordance with the thoughts we’re thinking. Even when we walk away from the experiment and come back hours later, the photons within will remain exactly as we left them with our last directed thought. The photon is the tiniest particle in the whole of physical reality, meaning our thoughts, our impressions, our vibrational frequency that we’re emitting and emanating, is having an influence on the arrangement of our physical reality out there.

This means the thoughts we think have an influence on our physical world.

Because science is concluding that we are made of pure creative essence, we must learn to recognize that we are the creator of our entire experience and that we are the strength the mind is seeking. We must learn to tame the mind and empower ourselves by pulling ourselves back together again from the dispersed energy so that we can feel our authenticity. When we can feel what our heart of hearts is really wanting to share, we have the strength to speak it into the world.

When we know we are coming from an intentionality that is good, giving, and kind, and that we want to authentically connect with others and share the possibility of a beautiful life together, our truth will easily come through our words and actions, and be able to roll out into the world in a fashion that manifests the experience we’re truly looking for.


How to Come Back to the Core

When you want to either find your strength or feel your strength again, you must first call yourself back home again by breathing up and down the Central Channel of the body and low into your belly, dropping down into the core of who you are.

A great exercise I use for this is one I teach people in my coursework, The Energy Codes®, and is called, “Subject-Object-Subject.” To do Subject-Object-Subject:

FIRST: Subject

  • Put all of your attention onto subject, into the core of your being, your heart and into your belly.
  • Take a deep breath into your belly and then drop that exhale down into the earth.
  • Take an inhale up from the earth, back into the belly, inflating your chest after you inhale into the belly. Repeat belly then chest, and let it feel good. Then exhale out the top of your head.

When you do this, from the world of quantum science and energy medicine, you are establishing the channel of energy that is at your very foundational makeup. When you do that, your subconscious begins to pick up on the fact that not only am I safe, I’m actually quite strong, I’m quite empowered.

SECOND: Object

  • Next, take all that energy you’ve just collected and focus it on an object outside of you such as a person or coffee cup on your desk. Throw it onto something in the room to just disperse it or give it away.
  • Notice how it feels to give your power away. Imagine what it feels like when somebody walks in the room and you’re afraid of what they’re going to say, or you’re not really sure how things are between you? All of a sudden, you start to feel this dis-ease or unease. As you do, notice how it feels in your system. It doesn’t feel the same because it’s not the truth of who you are.

THIRD: Return to Subject

  • Next, pull your energy back away from the external person or object and back home again onto subject. Allow you to feel you again.

If you can walk around in life with this constant awareness, a felt sense of self, you will begin to experience yourself as strong, instead of wondering, even consciously or even subconsciously, how strong or powerful you actually are, or constantly looking to the exterior world to give you some sign.

You don’t need the sign. You are the sign.

All you have to do is be the sign, meaning be the impetus that is the creative force in the world. Bring forward what you want to find, what you want to experience, and know that you’re here to bring what you know is possible. You are the creator in your environment.


Your Creatorship is Your Power

When you begin living as the creator of your reality, you no longer feel something is missing because the fact is, there isn’t anything missing other than what you can come up with to bring into the world.

You came here to bring your own creative resource. Your own personal power is not just personal; it’s a cosmic power flowing through you. The power of nature itself is pouring through your field of energy flowing through your body.

You are a powerful stream of energy that is constantly replenishing itself and constantly revealing itself in new ways. All we have to do is train the mind to be able to perceive that.  Then the mind becomes much more productive, rather than constantly questioning you or causing you to feel like you don’t belong which then causes the illusion of a separate self or personality self just trying to survive on this planet.

There is so much more in store for you. You are much stronger than you think. You’re stronger than you can think, until you train the mind how to steward this amazing creative essence that you truly are.

And so, once we learn how to tap deep into this core wisdom and call ourselves back into this instead of getting all up into our heads in life, we begin to feel and experience our authentic self. We begin to experience ourselves as the deep, strong individual that is wise and that is certain and that is clear and that we know deep inside we are meant to be. 

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