You Can Practice Inner Bonding Even When You Are Happy!

You Can Practice Inner Bonding Even When You Are Happy!

Inner Bonding is a powerful process for healing the fear and false beliefs that cause our pain, and it's also a process for developing and enhancing our passion, productivity, and creativity.

A loving parent does not just attend to a child when he or she is crying or angry. Loving moms and dads enjoy holding and playing with their children when they are peaceful, laughing, and learning.

Likewise, a loving inner parent opens to learning, not just with a distressed inner child, but when we are feeling peaceful and joyful as well.

I encourage you to practice being in Step One all day - staying mindful of your feelings.

When you are feeling any painful or distressing emotions, you then move through the steps of Inner Bonding to discover what you are doing or telling yourself that is causing the pain, and what the truth and loving behavior is. You then take the loving action and evaluate how you are feeling as a result of the loving action.

When you tune in and discover that you are feeling peaceful and happy, this is also a great time to go through the Steps of Inner Bonding - but this time to discover what brings you joy. What does your inner child love doing? What are you passionate about? What is fun for you? How would you like to give to others and to the planet?

This is also a wonderful time to dialogue with your spiritual guidance. It is much easier to access your guidance when you are in the high frequency of joy, so this is an ideal time to ask your guidance, "What would you like to tell me?" or "What would you like me to attend to?" You might be surprised at the information that flows through to you when you are willing to ask such open-ended questions of your guidance.

This is when new ideas may pop into your mind. This is when creativity can flow.

This is when powerful solutions to long-standing situations may occur to you. And this is when you can fully feel your oneness with the love that is God.

Every morning I do my Inner Bonding process while walking in nature. Since I mostly stayed in Step One the previous day, and I dealt with any distress that came up, I generally find that my inner child is feeling happy. Sometimes, especially on my days off, she wants to tell me about something she really wants to do today. Other times she is just happy that we are walking and that I am connected with her. That's when I go to my guidance with a deep intent to learn about anything my guidance wants to tell me. My guidance is quite chatty and loves to offer me new ideas. She is the one who writes through me (she's writing through me right now!). She is my creative source, and it is a great joy to open to her and allow her to flow through me.

The more you practice opening to your guidance when you are in a happy and peaceful state, the more it will become natural for you to be guided throughout the day by your guidance instead of by your wounded self. You will discover that eventually you will hear your guidance telling you what to be cautious of, what to avoid and what to attend to. You will discover that if you listen and follow your guidance, life becomes much easier, you feel much safer, you feel much more joy, and your creativity flows.

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