It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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You DO Matter!


What a miracle you truly are!

The Source that makes all living things in the Universe is also the same Source that’s inside of you. This Divine Source interacts and is connected with the whole of you, which means your body, mind and soul.

To honor your divinity, to live a spiritual and physical life of happiness, serenity, abundant health, and to experience a loving and successful relationship, it’s important to understand and get to know your true essence—your soul. You must begin to reach inward to meet your soul, to move through all the layers of what’s been built up inside and around you over the years.

Once you discover and meet your soul-self, you’ll radiate pure light, confidence, courage, strength and unconditional love for yourself and others. As you live and view your life from your soul’s perspective, you’ll start to appreciate yourself as a Divine Being and gain a deeper appreciation and awareness of the soul essence in others.

Everything in the world is based on the inner consciousness of humanity. Always remember, that one person (that means you!) can make all the difference. You are a soul, so believe and know that you do have the power and you do matter in this world.

The more you connect with your soul the more you’ll remember your Divine nature.

JOHN'S MESSAGE               

This week, try to honor yourself by spending some quiet time in contemplation, prayer, meditation, journaling or even a slow walk outdoors in nature (preferably without iTunes blaring in your ears), whether it’s the first thing you do at dawn or the last thing you do as the sun is setting. It can be a walk on the beach or a stroll through the woods, spending time working on a creative project or simply doing something you love.

By doing this, you’ll begin to tap into your Divine inner-self where you can meet, blend, talk and listen to your true self. Your soul is waiting for you!

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Live a Soul-filled life!

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