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You Have The Power To Forgive

power-to-forgive You Have The Power To Forgive

When you think of a martial artist in a ready posture, do you see someone who is fully present? Who is undistracted? Who is in their perfect point of power? Ready for anything, balanced, capable of utilizing all of their resources and resourcefulness? 

That is what Peace is like...


When you are fully connected to your True Self, the Peace code is activated as your natural high frequency state.

This is the state of harmony, balance and tranquility where you are fully present and automatically seek the highest good for all.

Wouldn’t you love to live in that state all the time?


The core low frequency blocker to Peace is... unforgiveness. Unforgiveness undermines peace and thus your entire PLATINUM beingness. I know this is a topic that many people don’t like to hear us talk about. 

Forgiveness can be hard!

However, forgiveness is also the key that opens the door to inner peace and the ability to fully connect with the love that you are. 

Big shifts happen when you take radical personal responsibility and forgive!

Take the next few minutes and answer this repeating question:

What does it feel like when I am NOT be in a state of peace?”

What does it feel like when I am NOT be in a state of peace?”

What does it feel like when I am NOT be in a state of peace?”

What does it feel like when I am NOT be in a state of peace?”

Did you see the same question above 4 times? 


This is an important inquiry and the purpose of it is to dig deep and go past the obvious. 

Did you answer the question? Don’t cheat! 

Really think about what it feels like when you are NOT in a state of peace and then write it down. Write down individual feelings and emotions you may experience when you are NOT in a state of peace. Really think about how your heart feels… how your body feels… how your mind feels… when you are NOT in a state of peace.

Take 15 minutes… Take 30 minutes! Take whatever time you need but please don’t skip over this exercise. It’s important!

Have you finished? 

These feelings you just wrote down are indicators that you have unconscious programs encoded in your DNA in the form of beliefs, ideas and stories - that need to be corrected.

Unforgiveness, along with all the feelings you just wrote down, are effective frequency blockers to the high frequency of your Peace code.

What is truly extraordinary about forgiveness is the profound transformation that happens when you awaken to your true nature - the perfection and divinity that you are. 

You are liberated from the self-made prison of your beliefs, ideas, stories and unconscious programs, which makes forgiveness easy and natural.

Starting today, whenever you become aware of not being able to move on and forgive a painful situation around anyone or anything, STOP IMMEDIATELY and use the Hawaiian Neutrality Prayer and the Steps to Forgiveness below to set yourself free!

Steps to Forgiveness

1. Acknowledge there are ego mind programs at work in the situation. And not only someone else’s programs and perceptions, but yours. Take ownership.

2. Activate your heart by focusing your attention on your heart center. Visualize white light filling you. Breathe deeply. Use the Heart Consult by tapping on your sternum, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, smile, think of someone you love and say Ha, Ha, Ha - Ha Ha Ha -

With unconditional love, feel the feelings you would feel if you knew the highest and best for all concerned is being realized.

3. Forgive yourself and others for choosing ego mind programs...

ahhhh! The whole world has just taken a deep breath. 

Thank you shifting into a happier more uplifting and supportive state of being.

To Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success!

Take 15 minutes… Take 30 minutes! Take whatever time you need but please don’t skip over this exercise. It’s important!

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Sunday, 21 October 2018
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