You live in infinite possibility

You live in infinite possibility - Dr. Sue Morter

Who you are, is an amazing expression of the Divine. That means you actually live in infinite possibility.

Perhaps, because of our conditioning, it doesn’t always appear that way. Yet, we all live in the both/and, which is the place of infinite possibility.

No matter our circumstances, we are the Essential Self and have the ability to shed love on anything. We are always at choice to choose love.

Every sacred teaching throughout time has taught, and now science is proving, that love is the key. Not anger, but love. Not accusations and judgment projected onto others, but love. Not fear, but love.

Choose to bring love to any circumstance or relationship, because it is the doorway that can, and will, change your world.

The answer is to love into whatever is rising, rather than choose an alternate reality. There is actually only this one thing happening and it is so simple, the mind doesn't believe it can be the answer. 

Choose to love into any circumstance, thought, or experience. Bring love there. If bringing love feels like a challenge, simply become present.

You are made of love. When you are present, love is there.

To live in the vibration of love, it is helpful to see the ways we aren't in that vibration.

Perhaps it shows up as thoughts like, “I’m not enough.” “Those people, they just don't get it.” Or “That was unforgivable.” It might show up as the people, places, and things that we resist, regret, or resent.

Those are all reflections of how you are denying your power.

We perhaps labeled those experiences as, “It’s just life and I don’t have any control.” Or, “These are things or people that exist in my life that I don't like and I’m stuck with them.” Maybe it’s actions others take, reactions you have, or things that do, or don’t, get said.

What is happening in your world that you dislike? Because those “happenings” are clues. They guide us to know when we’re not in the vibration of love.

When your come-from is as love, you can live out loud so that you begin to see the places you’re not in the vibration of love. This allows your come-from to not simply be a negative, knee-jerk reaction.

If you’re not sure how to come from love, start with, “I’m here to see other possibilities and other people's perspectives. I want to embrace more of who I am, my magnificence, so that I live in the world of infinite possibility.”

Perhaps it feels impossible and you are unable to say that out loud to some people. Know that you don’t need to speak it out loud to live out loud.

Simply allow that perspective to play through your consciousness, whether you can say it out loud or not. As you do, you build circuitry.

Maybe they can’t receive what you offer in the moment. Allow whatever their reaction is to be okay and know we all do our best based on the circuitry we have in place. Simply allow it to be okay and bring love there.

Perhaps you can share “I know you don’t get it. And I choose love in this moment because that is what is important to me and creates possibility.”

 Because in every moment, we select which thoughts to think. You get to select either the “negative come-from” or the “filled with possibilities” conclusion about a situation. We are always at choice.

 Discover how to consciously live in infinite possibility. How to see another perspective, or maybe two, or three additional perspectives. Then we make a difference in the world because you see the whole picture, and that allows for greater compassion.

I invite you to read (or re-read) The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Soul, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life. Need a copy? Buy one here. It is here to support you to know, “I am always at choice,” so that you can live in infinite possibility.

What will you choose in this moment? Each moment truly offers you an opportunity to make a new choice. Rather listen than read? The Energy Codes book is available as an audio recording, too.

With Great Love, 
Dr. Sue
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