Your super power – find gratitude for your mind when it’s simply not sure


Pause for a moment and ask yourself, “Am I regularly allowing love to be bigger in my life? Am I allowing my own inner voice to matter more? Am I migrating toward or manifesting the deep desires I dream of?”

If you answer yes (or even consider a yes), your mind is likely starting to get afraid. It gets afraid because when you say “yes,” you are recognizing more of your bigness. When you see from a larger, bird's eye perspective, the mind gets nervous. 

What I'd love for you to know is, when your mind gets nervous, it's a good sign. This is a quantum flip that can change your life. 

During this season of gratitude and beyond, I invite you to make a quantum flip and be grateful for your mind when it gets nervous

When the mind senses there's something more manifesting and “I'm not in control anymore,” it gets nervous. This “something” is more of you, the Soulful Self, embodying.

So, if you have a thought and your systems start to feel afraid, that fear is a good thing. The fear actually means you're accepting your greatness.

As you allow and accept the greatness, the mind often gets nervous because it feels like “I have to be brave so that I can go for it.” What you want to do is allow those thoughts so that you see them for what they are and embrace them.

When you embrace the thoughts rising, they become part of the “yes.” This embrace is possible when you surrender the power that the nervousness holds in your life. Rather, allow the nervousness and bring what you're experiencing on to the heart.

As you begin to surrender the mind and its limited ideas about your life, how it's supposed to roll, how people are supposed to interact, or what's allowed for you, your mind is going to get nervous.

My hope is you consciously realize you are here to allow what you're feeling to be valued – to feel into life and be authentic, even when people around you don't get it or can't relate to it

You understand it feels like a foreign world to those you love because it's not their world, it's yours, and that is okay. As you do, you can lovingly, with compassion, allow others their reality, and you yours, without discounting or negating anyone.

As that becomes our come-from, we develop an ability to be present with anything. When you can be present with your fears, you can be present with your joys with the same kind of enthusiasm

Then everything in between that surfaces also has your loving attention. You start to establish a reality at the subconscious level so you can be present for anything. We no longer come from the single option, “I can plow through anything” stance.

Rather, you start to understand, on a conscious level, you're at choice every day. Every single situation is a choice point and when we're in pain, it simply means we haven't chosen from our Essential Self.

Whether that pain is mental, emotional, physical, financial, or from a belief of not enough time to do what you want to do, all of those states are a byproduct of choosing from the most limited-belief part of you.

Instead, we have to choose to action from the bigness of the soul.

Choose to cultivate those aspects of your true being until they are so robust they pull all of you along for the ride. Think of it like a boat on a river. As you open to the power of the universe, that river of energy becomes big enough to float all of you. It becomes big enough to carry you through the life experience of your dreams.

You can have the things that you dream of – the circumstances, relationships, and experiences. It may be material things, too, but don't limit your dream. 

Abundance and freedom of love is one of the greatest manifestations that we will ever experience. The awareness of our own creativity is one of the greatest gifts on the planet. When we feel and sense and appreciate the beauty of nature, we are plugged in.
These are the types of things that we want to have the circuitry in place to be living aware of, and awake to, every day. This is gratitude.

With Great Love,

Dr. Sue


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